Complete Industrial Automation Training
Industrial Automation platforms are to surge at a compound annual growth rate of 40% over the next few years. Automation is being used in a number of areas such as manufacturing, transporting & many more.
Complete PLC SCADA Training
PLC is the main heart of Industrial Automation. It is capable of storing instructions to implement control functions such as sequencing, timing, etc to control industrial machines.
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In brief industrial automation can be defined as a combination of technologies and different process control devices for automating an industry without human involvement in frequent and regular intervals which eventually leads to the achievement of efficient outputs than traditional controls.
Industrial Automation systems can be very complicated having (N) no. of devices and technologies working in synchronous to each other. To simplify that it can be classified into 3 different levels.

  1. Supervisory level
  2. Control level
  3. Field level

Control level is a crucial level of all, which includes PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller), PACs (Programmable Automation Controller), and DCS (Distributed Control System) systems. Where we write a program in an industrial-grade controller to fulfill industrial automation purposes. Indeed it takes inputs from the field, processes and controls the output accordingly.

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